Energy Enhancer

Energy Enhancer enhances balance, flexibility, strength and endurance through + 22% increased fat burning, and suitable for testing individuals.


IceWave reduces pain and inflammation effectively and rapidly to both humans and animals. Classified as a medical device Class 1.

Y-age Carnosine

Carnosine is also an anti-oxidant.

Y-age Carnosine or Glutathione

Glutathione is the body's main anti-oxidant and Carnosine is also an anti-oxidant.

Y-age Glutathione

Glutathione is the body's main anti-oxidant.

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We work individually and as a team as well. We constantly keep ourselves updated.


On this site you will find information about the products and how to find a practitioner to help you.

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    LifeWave patches can help you accelerate
    your performance while exercising.

  • Silent Nights

    New Sleep Technology from LifeWave

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    David Beckham

    A satisfied customer of LifeWave Patches.

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    Use LifeWave patches for stimulating muscels
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Energy Enhancer

  • · Enhances energy

  • · Enhances strength

  • · Enhances flexibility

  • · Enhances balance

  • · Enhances endurance

  • · Increases fat burning with 22 %

  • · Suitable for testing individuals

In Depth

The Patch Action

All Theta Nutritional Products are designed to be used with Theta Activator. It gets the nutrients to the cells quickly, so most people experience results within few minutes!

Designed to improve cognitive function and improves focus, awareness, memory and learning.

Designed to improve heart function and it protects cells against oxidative stress.

Designed to give you elevated levels of energy in a natural way, all without the use of stimulants such as caffeine.

Designed to help regulating hormonal activities and support normal function of immune system.


Contains raw milk (also called the "natures first superfood"), and it supports the body’s natural repair processes on a cellular level. The Amino acid L-Arginine improves circulation.

Matrix 2

The most secure and elegant way to protect yourself from radiation from your mobile device.

Matrix 2

Built for the most popular smartphones

The Matrix 2 is built to prevent radiation from you cell phone. Lifewave has focused mainly on the most common mobile devices on the global marked to support as many smartphones as possible.

Due to its thin layout, it can fit easily in any case without adding additional thickness.


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Medical Doctor
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+34 678 253 510
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Dansk, English, Deutsch
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Elsebeth Nybroe-Nielsen
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Physiological Massage Therapist
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